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Nismo; abbreviated from Nissan Motorsport International Limited, Nissan Mōtā Supōtsu Intānashonaru Kabushiki-gaisha is the in-house tuning, motorsports, and performance division of Nissan. Formed in 1984 as a result of a merger of two motorsport departments, Nismo has competed in JSPC, JTCC, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the 24 Hours of Daytona. They currently participate in the Super GT, the Blancpain GT Series, and Formula E.

Nismo is expensive, has a short grip and agility and average residual values, Matt Prior published a report on

"Short on grip and agility, Relatively expensive, Average residual values. That apart, there’s plenty to like about the Juke Nismo’s interior. This isn’t a very practical car, but hot hatch clientele probably won’t expect much on that front. Equipment levels are generous, but so they should be for the price, and there’s just enough go-faster flavor to whet the appetite. So far, then, so good. There isn’t a great deal of rear passenger space – plenty of regular superminis offer more – but the raised hip point makes getting in and out easier than it might be. The driving position is high, but many won’t mind, although it is slightly poorer for the lack of reach adjustment on the steering column. Nissan is a regular offender on that charge, for which there is little excuse these days"


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Kat says

"I made an order because I needed the parts in a hurry. It was advertised for $X.XX and states "Usually ships in 5 days" First, the advertised price is wrong as prices went up (The right price still not updated after 6 weeks) Second, order took 5 WEEKS to get ready to ship out not 5 days to ship out. Then 1 more week for it to actually come. DONT BE TRICKED BY THE USUALLY "SHIPS OUT IN X DAYS" (Would have bought directly from local dealer if parts it was going to take this long and save hundreds on shipping, taxes and levies) If your buying parts from multiple suppliers they use then get ready for more delays. Also customer service takes 2-3 days for them to get back to a simple question. WORST EXPERIENCE"

hyun ahn says

"Buyer!!! please record before you open the shipment!! i opened the shipment and there was 1 parts missing and i emailed them and they were saying two guy packed it there was no way to missing parts basically they were saying i was lying i wouldnt lie for 13 dollar parts"

Ben says

"I will never be using this company again, I ordered and paid for some items which Were advertised as available and they were actually discontinued which was annoying but then when it came to my refund I didn’t receive the full amount back which was apparently out of their control but I have ended up loosing money for this company’s mistake, after a few emails it was clear I wouldn’t be getting and that they didn’t care, I would not recommend this company as you’ll have to pay for their mistakes, very disappointed with the service"

Lee Khn says

"Well, I hope you guys don't get tricked with all the " fake " positive reviews. The guys answer all your questions before purchase but after the payment is done they never reply or if they ever reply they tell you they don't have the part yet. Before ordering I was sure that the part was " IN Stock " so I pulled the trigger. Here I am 4 weeks and the part hasn't even shipped yet. I'm opening a claim with my CC company. Beware guys."

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